Contributed towards the Success of The Levant Foundation


The Levant Foundation is working to accomplish its basic goal of letting people learn about the culture and traditions of people living in the Middle East. In recent times, people from other countries have several misconceptions about everyone coming from the Middle East. To clear these misconceptions and to help understand the culture, the Levant Foundation is in business.
Mr. Jamal Daniel established the foundation and worked toward its success. He is originally from Syria but traveled a number of countries from time to time. He really worked hard to put the Foundation in a position where it could really help bridge the gap between cultures. He completed his high school education from Lebanon and then moved to Geneva, Switzerland. His next step was to get enrolled in master’s program, for which he moved to Texas. He completed his master’s in business administration and started working in The Levant Foundation.
Mr. Daniel, together with his wife Rania Daniel, started several ventures and successfully promoted the need to learn about the Levant Region. Jamal Daniel also collaborated with the Levant Entertainment and produced a number of interesting films. The production of these films really helped the foundation explain how interested they really are in accomplishing their goals using different media.
The foundation often establishes funds to promote the understanding about multi-cultures. The latest in this regard is the Jamal Daniel Fund that is established mainly for the Study of the Levant at the School of Foreign Services; this is at Georgetown University. This program is basically designed to support students as well as scholars in their studies of the region; it involves learning more about the history, culture, religion, and society of the Levant Region. The fund will also provide financial support to create a platform for policymakers to talk about current and future issues related to the region.
The fund will provide financial support to the academic program from 2011 until 2014 by establishing:
• One or more postdoctoral fellows who have interest on learning more about the region.
• Scholarships to help graduate students who are interested the studying more about the region and its culture
In addition to creation this particular fund, the Levant foundation is involved in the establishment of several other programs and funds. All these funds are used to help students and fellows find more about the Levant Region, which will also help eliminate any misconception people may have.



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Texas Allied Petroleum Meeting Growing Fuel Needs Of the US

Texas Allied Petroleum (TAP) is an oil company concerned with excavation, development, testing and production of oil and gas. It was developed in the November of 2005, and has grown many folds since then. Now it holds an important and prominent position in the oil and gas business. This company is based in Austin, Texas. The oil fields concentrated within the American mainland is a focus of its attention especially the rich fields of the Gulf of Mexico. Company’s joint ventures with Exxon, Durant-Pardo,Brownrigg, Loeher, Newfield, and Pieratt-Hoyt should be mentioned as a highlight of the year 2011. Such great many ventures show its growth in just a short time of 6 years.
The most important issue for any company in the oil and gas/fuel business is the continuous yield of fuels from the oil rich sites. Fuel is crucial to the smooth functioning of everyday life all around the world. It is the most important commodity in many of the world’s countries.
Texas Allied Petroleum is assisting America in realizing its ultimate goals in oil/fuel production. The company has many promising and rich oil fields in its direct focus. The company is helping the government of US increase the oil and gas reservoirs for the country’s own use as well as for export purposes. Texas Allied Petroleum is committed to innovative procedures, which on one hand are necessary to increase the probability of finding fuels underneath the surface and on the other hand are continuously solidifying the infrastructure of industrial section.
Nowadays, the company is exerting control over a number of important oil exploration fields in Texas, Louisiana, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas. The company has one of its most crucial properties in Laramie fields in Wyoming. Here over 90 barrels of oil per day are produced from the fields of Cooper Cove, Little Laramie and Herrick. Henry Crooks field at Lacava County is another crucial field, where a 300 acre lease has been purchased by TAP for oil exploration purposes.
In addition to the above mentioned locations, the company has been successful in finding profits at Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish and Kansas’ Coffee County. Dun & Bradstreet Corporation and the Austin Chamber of Commerce have provided TAP with certification. In the coming years, the company aims to focus on drilling and testing in new oil fields which would indeed be advantageous for US economy.